Road to the Toughman - Fight Night

Ladies and gents, for those of you whom have followed the Road to the Toughman even if only slightly and from afar, I owe you this brief discussion on the topic.

Tomorrow night is fight night, and I'm excited and have butterflies and want to get it over with - and have all kinds of complex feelings about it.

On one hand, I'm taking the whole thing very simply and quite lightly - it's a bucket list item, and will be exciting (even if a little painful).

On the other hand, I was once an athlete and a competitor - and I am from the "play to win" camp - not to be confused with the "everyone's a winner" camp.

What is important? - I'm doing the Toughman because it was the thing that motivated me to get a gym membership and start going.  This fight tomorrow is the logical end of the Road to the Toughman, and a ultimately a necessary evil to complete the loop.  The Road to the Toughman wouldn't be interesting if it never reached its destination.

So - the fight is on, and I am psyched.  And I am thrilled that some of you will come and join me in support!

Since I do not take your support lightly, I want to clarify an important point - contrary to ruminations you may or may not have heard - I am not the favorite and I am not going to win the Toughman.

That has never been my intention or expectation, so my hopes are that you too will not even consider the thought.

I'm a lover not a fighter after all.  There will be real fighters that actually DO this in the competition.  And finally, let's be very clear about my condition - I've shaved 50-some pounds and have been hitting the gym - but I am still over 380, more than 120 pounds heavier than the next heaviest heavyweight - and no one has ever been in boxing shape at 380.  I have worked on cardio hard, but it is still way too weak to excel in the Toughman format - I WILL get tired.

And I will lose, eventually - even if I win a round or a match - and may even lose embarrassingly.  Please all of you be prepared for that, and feel free to point and laugh and take pictures when it happens.

That being said, I am amped to get in the ring and for the experience and promise to throw a punch or nine.   

Thank all of you that have offered thoughts and words of support throughout the process - it is significant and I appreciate it.

I can tell you that while the Toughman may end for me this weekend, my commitment to eating better and getting to the gym and having a healthier, more active lifestyle will live on.  All the best to each of you - and hope to see many of you tomorrow night.


Anonymous said...

The most important thing is your new healthy lifestyle. On that - congratulations.
While it does look too violent for my taste, I wish you luck and hope that you will do well. I'm sure that at least you will enjoy competing.
P.S. Are you fighting indoors or outdoors?

kVadrum said...

Thanks for the note. It is an indoors fight.

Unknown said...

Well said Genghis. I will be there with excitement, but pointing and laughing, well let's just say anyone near me may get an elbow if I see that.